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Erich Gliebe
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Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: CEO
Known for: National Alliance
Political party: Nazi

Erich Gliebe (1963) is a neo-Nazi leader who was formerly a professional boxer and tool-and-die maker. He boxed under the moniker of "The Aryan Barbarian."[1]

Currently he is the CEO and acting Chairman of the National Alliance. Gliebe's activity in racial nationalism was inspired by his father, [a Gottscheer] who served in the German Wehrmacht in World War II. He became prominent within the National Alliance as leader of the Cleveland National Alliance chapter (Local Unit), a position he has held since 1991, which is the oldest Local Unit (LC) in the National Alliance. He was hired by William Pierce to run the White-power music label Resistance Records after the National Alliance bought full ownership of it in 1999.

After Pierce's death in July 2002, Gliebe was appointed as the new Chairman.[2] Gliebe alienated many members and provoked a backlash within the NA leadership.[3] He later resigned turning the position over to Shaun Walker in April 2005. Later Walker resigned his position on July 4, 2006 after being charged with a Civil Rights violations, for which he is currently serving prison time.[4]
In April 2009, it was revealed that Gliebe's name was on the list of individuals banned from entering the United Kingdom.[5]

(more about Gliebe on Google)
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