Searching family Braune - Braune

Searching family Braune - Braune

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My great Grandparents lived in Gottschee. I would like to reconstruct my family history. My Great Grandfather was named Franz Braune, born 24.03.1850 in Gottschee (city). He was a farmer and tobacco-trader there. His wife was Josefine Vankert, born 24.03.1850 in Obermoisel. They had a son, Franz Braune, born 13.011.1882 in Gottschee. Also a daughter, named Amalia, but I'm not sure, if she was born in Gottschee, or later in Vienna. The familiy moved around 1900 to Vienna (Austria). Do you know, if there are any other familiy members? Any information would be helpful and welcome. I would be grateful.
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