Slovene Choir at Gottscheer Treffen - John Tschinkel

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Slovene Choir at Gottscheer Treffen - John Tschinkel

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Abgeschickt von John Tschinkel am 06 September, 2005 um 23:44:13:

It was a great pleasure to read the response of Sophia Stalzer-Wyant in the Gottscheer Plauderzimmer of August 30, 2005 to comments from Ridy Hoegler Skyrme who questions (and echo’s others) in her entry of August 29, the appearance of a Slovenian Choir at the Gottscheer Treffen in Toronto.

“I don't understand the thinking behind it. Have any of our Gottscheer groups ever been invited to any Slovenian functions at the expense of Slovenians? Is this a reciprocal invitation”?

The heartwarming reply from Sophia is worth repeating for those who may have missed reading it, or on first reading failed to grasp its incredibly humanistic message. She writes:

“I am happy to have the opportunity to respond to Ridy's comments and questions regarding the appearance and performance of Cantate Domino, a Slovenian Choir, at the Gottscheer Treffen in Toronto.

This, like any other story, has another side to it. For those of us Gottscheers who believe in building bridges between the Gottscheers and the people of Slovenia, this is an enormous visionary undertaking and act of good will by all involved. To have Slovenians respectful of, willing to learn and proud to sing Gottscheer songs in native dialect in their public performances is remarkable.

It has taken an enormous amount of work and commitment on their part. As for those of us organizing this event, I am proud to have been a part of it. When the idea was first mentioned to me by Erik Krisch, president of the Peter Kosler Verein, I was impressed by the possibilities--cooperative effort between Slovenians and Gottscheers. Erik Krisch is a dedicated, talented individual. I am very pleased to have helped in the fundraising for this event. It was an act of generosity and support for bridge building efforts. My sincere hope is that the participants at the Treffen will graciously welcome and appreciate the efforts of the Choir and the Peter Kosler Verein. Let's all hope it is a great event”!

It is most gratifying that there are Gottscheer who not only talk about building bridges but actually do what they say. Erik Krisch is one of those and so is Sophia who defends her involvement with eloquence rarely heard from a Gottscheer.

Backing up his belief with deeds, Erik and his Peter Kosler Verein courageously pulled out of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Klagenfurt on April 23, 2005, because they came to realize that the AG policy was contrary to their objectives of healing and cooperation. This in spite of the repeated claims by the AG they are Christians. (But Christians do not insist on “reciprocal acts”!)

When will the GHGA and some of its other members realize this and act accordingly?