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Re -You gotta be kitting - Danny

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Abgeschickt von danny am 04. Dezember, 2008 um 16:09:29:

Antwort auf: You gotta be kidding von karpaten am 14 Oktober, 2008 um 01:28:32:

It is time that gottscheers and all self-respecting germans started to ignore the provocations of self-hating traitors that are ashamed to be german and that are so biased that they will not make the slightest mention of the tremendous discrimination that gottscheers faced in post world war 1 Slovenia, a fate which was shared by millions of Germans across eastern Europe. We American gottscheers are proud of our history and our culture and the vast majority of gottscheers in America have contempt for the false historical work of mr. tschinkel and are proud of the great work done by our brothers in Europe led by Herr Michitsch. That being said, we are also honest enough to admit that there were also some wrongs committed by the gottscheers in the post world war 1 period and during world war 2. All sides had fault to bear during those terrible times. We will continue to uphold our proud history and traditions despite the wok of a few self hating demagogues intent on working against us.